The CBC Recording Area comprises the 10km square TG04 (but extended in the north-west to include the tip of Blakeney Point and in the east to include the whole of Kelling Heath except for the Caravan Park). Any birds seen out at sea are also countable.   See maps below.

You can start birding at any time of the day but must submit completed checklists at the NWT Education Centre by 5pm on 11th January. 

A room will be available in the education centre (behind the NWT Visitor Centre) from 4pm where drinks and other refreshments will be available. Please come along and meet up with others who have been out in the field birding during the day and compare notes as we collate the results, determine who won the race and compile the total number of species seen by all participants.

If you finish birding earlier and don’t want to wait around until late afternoon, a Cley Bird Club representative will be present in the Visitor Centre throughout the day who will take your completed checklist.  They will also attempt to answer any questions you may have.


For the keen ones amongst you.


We want to make the day accessible to everyone.  One or more people can bird together for as much or little time as they want in part(s) of the Square on the day.  This will help in our effort to get as much information on birds in the Square on the day as possible.  We would like to capture information such as numbers present in an area. Every little will help.  If you can't walk far, you can still take part by counting everything you can see from your car (please only park where it is safe to do so) or, if you live in the Square, your garden or from your window.

All birds seen or heard must be recorded on the Big Bird Day Casual checklist which can be downloaded by clicking here.  It would be most helpful if you can give counts of birds seen in any site that you visit but if not just tick the species.  Completed checklists must be brought to the NWT Education Centre by 5pm on 11th January.

GENERAL (applies to both formats)



CBC map

To download (and print) this map with index click CBC map.

Map with Recording Sites

To download (and print) this map click Sites Map



These can be downloaded here but if you cannot do this or print them, paper copies will be available in the NWT Visitor centre on the day and during the week before.
Both checklists contain the same species but the Casual ones allow for counts from multiple sites.

Click to download the RACE CHECKLIST

Click to download the CASUAL CHECKLIST

Other Useful Information

If you don’t know the Square well the following are some notes and suggestions on places you may want to visit depending on your time and energy:


FINALLY  In the event of extreme weather, the event may need to be re-scheduled. Please check the CBC website the day before for the latest information.

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Information and results from the January 2019 and June 2019 Big Bird Days can now be found on the Articles page. and also in Newsletters 113 and 114.