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AuthorTopic: Cley Snipe's Marsh
Steve Hale Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 20/02/2019 15:02:54
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After a gap of a few months, waterbirds seem to be reappearing on the pool. A few Coot and Little Grebes in recent weeks....and today there were 4 Pochard new in.

David & Pat Wileman Re: Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 22/02/2019 20:01:33

Yes it has been noticeable this year that there were no Coots around the Square in January and early February and only 2 reported in December (at Salthouse Duck Pond).  It was the same last winter but didn't used to be a few years ago.
Little Grebes tend to move to the drains, especially the Main Drain, in winter and in very cold weather they are often seen on Arnold's.  Perhaps they prefer brackish water that is less likely to freeze.  In spring they move back to Snipe's, Don's Pool and sometimes Watling Water to breed.
Pochard and Tufted Ducks don't winter here but start to return in January or February and do breed here. So keep a look out for Tufted's and report them when you first see them.

Steve Hale Re: Re: Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 27/02/2019 11:09:31
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On cue, 2 Tufted Duck new on the pool today. Pochard now up to 8 birds.

David & Pat Wileman Re: Re: Re: Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 27/02/2019 15:36:42

Thanks.  There were 12 Pochard on Monday (8 male, 4 female) and some were reported on N  Scrape yesterday.  Numbers of Tufted should also start to build up now.

Walter Sadler Re: Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 21/03/2019 18:29:01

21 March
10 Tufted Duck (6 males, 4 females) at 12.30pm

David Fell Re: Re: Cley Snipe's Marshposted at 26/03/2019 19:02:33

24 March 12 Pochard

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