Norfolk Wildlife Trust Activities and Events

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the North Norfolk local group run various walks and events in the area. 

For events organised by the NWT in other areas of Norfolk, view the  NWT Website.

NWT North Norfolk Group -  Activities and Talks


Holkham Highlights - Thursday 20th April 2017

An illustrated talk by Holkham Estate Warden Andy Bloomfield

Andy will highlight some of the special wildlife at Holkham in the 50th anniversary year of its establishment as a National Nature Reserve.

Time:  7.30 p.m.
Place: Cley Village Hall
Cost:  £2.00 members, £3.00 non-members

Tickets available at the door and refreshments are included



Events at Cley Marshes




Microsculpture - Saturday 1 April – Tuesday 2 May

Microsculpture is a ground breaking project by Levon Biss that presents insect specimens from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before.  This series of beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of insects in striking high-resolution detail. Displayed as large scale photographic prints up to 3m high, the Microsculpture project provides the viewer with a unique opportunity to study and appreciate this hidden world. This exhibition has been kindly sponsored by Swarovski Optik.

Confluence project - Thursday 4 May – Sunday 7 May

Stunning and vibrant landscape images by Sarah Cannell. Inspired by the waterways, marshes and coastline,  the artwork in this exhibition is part of Confluence project which culminates in a multimedia evening on Sunday 7 May, see ‘Cley Calling’  for details. 

Free entry to all the  exhibitions in the Gallery, open daily 10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Cliffscapes and Marshscapes  - Wednesday 5 April – Tuesday 18 April

A collection of new paintings by local professional watercolourist John Hurst, featuring atmospheric studies of the ever changing Norfolk coastline. See examples of John’s acclaimed book ‘On My Way’, recently featured in the national December and January editions of ‘Coast’ and ‘Country Life’ magazines.

Salthouse to Shetland - Wednesday 19 April – Tuesday 2 May

Wildlife photographer and cameraman Josh Jaggard exhibits a selection of images and videos from the UK, showcasing a variety of species including the grey seals of Norfolk, the otters of Shetland and countless other wildlife wonders.

Making waves -  Wednesday 3 May – Tuesday 16 May

An art exhibition by local artist Gareth Jones. Explore paintings inspired by the sea, shore and skies of Norfolk.

Landscape & nature inspired - Wednesday 17 May – Tuesday 30 May

An exhibition by Peter Strudwick and Mary Richardson of watercolours, oils and acrylics, together with sculpture, in cast metals. Inspired by the many landscapes of Norfolk, and animals from around the globe as well as our Norfolk wildlife.

Captured in collage - Wednesday 31 May – Tuesday 13 June

Captured in Collage is a culmination of artworks by artist Alanna Baker, depicting the creatures she encounters on her walks through the East Anglian landscape. Her use of mixed media collages allows her to create playful and thoughtful depictions of both wild and domesticated subjects to produce images of substance and energy.

Creative (un)BLOCK - Wednesday 14 June – Tuesday 27 June

Students studying on the Foundation Diploma and Creative  (un)BLOCK courses with Artpocket will present new work in response to the theme of Environment. Students will explore their relationship to their culture, heritage and their local surroundings.



These events need to be booked as places are limited. Please call the Visitor Centre on 01263 740008
Unless otherwise stated:
Times: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Cost:    £3.50 NWT members and children, £5.00 non-members

Walsey wander 

Discover the huge variety of wildlife and habitats in the  Cley to Salthouse Living Landscape. This walk starts at the Visitor Centre and heads East, up and along Walsey Hills, offering spectacular views across the marshes, before heading down to Babcock hide and back along the Attenborough Way.

April    Tuesday   11
May:    Tuesday     9
June:   Tuesday   13 
July:    Tuesday   11

Time:  10.30 am - 1pm 

Walk with the Warden 

Bernard Bishop has been the warden for more than forty years and is the third generation of his family to work at Cley Marshes. Hear about the history of Cley, how the reserve has changed over time and what life is like as a warden on a coastal nature reserve.

Apr:   Wednesday 19
May:  Wednesday  3,  Wednesday 17
Jun:   Wednesday  7,  Wednesday 21
Jul:  Wednesday    5   


Circuit of Cley 

A  guided circuit walk around the reserve and along the shingle ridge taking in the wildlife and habitats of the North Norfolk coast along the way. The walk is approx. 2.5 miles.

Apr:   Friday 28
May:  Friday 26
Jun:   Friday 30

Beach Clean - First Saturday of the month - Free event 

Help us to clean up our shore to benefit coastal wildlife. There is always lots of exciting wildlife and mysterious marine objects to be found on the shore too.  In the event of adverse weather  please contact the visitor centre in advance to check for cancellations. All equipment provided.

May: Saturday 6  (Salthouse beach road)
Jun: Saturday  3  (Cley  beach car park)

Time: 10.30 am - 12 noon

Birds of Cley

If you are new to birdwatching and want to learn more about the birds, that visit Cley, no matter what your age, join us for a walk onto the reserve with the chance to see pink-footed geese, wigeon, marsh harrier and many more.  Binoculars can be provided. 

Apr:  Sunday   9
May:  Sunday 14
Jun:   Sunday 11
Jul:    Sunday   9

Spring Birds and Breeding Birds 

Join us this spring for a guided trip onto the reserve to see which birds are around at this time of year.  There's the possibility of seeing Avocets on their nests, and spectacular breeding displays of Marsh Harriers and waders.

May:  Thursday 4
Jun:   Thursday 1 

Guided Walk of The New Land

Meet our new warden for a guided walk onto our newly acquired land east of the East Bank. See conservation in action and learn about our plans for the future of this vital site.

Apr:  Tuesday 25
May: Tuesday 23
Jun:  Tuesday 27

Time: 10.30 am – 1pm

Spring Passage

A change in the season brings an exciting time of year with lots of bird movement. Join a guided trip around the reserve and into the hides to observe birds arriving for the summer and those birds passing on their migration.

Apr:  Thurs  13

Ramble and Roast

The perfect Sunday. A guided stroll around the reserve taking in the sights and sounds of spring wildlife on the North Norfolk Coast. Then head back to the centre to enjoy a home cooked Sunday roast and delicious pudding.

Apr:     Sunday 23

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members


Join us as we open our moth traps, and be amazed by the variety, beauty and extraordinary markings of the moths that live on the reserve.

Jun:  Thursday  29
Jul:    Thursday  13

Time: 10.15am (Please note the visitor centre opens at 10am and the event will start shortly after opening)
Cost: Free

Salthouse Guided Walk

Ed Stocker, County Ecologist with Norfolk County Council, who has been managing Salthouse Heath for 12 years, will be leading a special guided circular walk from Cley up onto Salthouse Heath. The heath offers stunning views of the North Norfolk landscape and coastline. Ed will share with you his knowledge of the heath and its wildlife.

Apr:    Friday 21
Time: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Cost:   £5 NWT members, £7 non-members

Spring Song & Breakfast

This is one for the early birds! Come and join us just after dawn for a walk around the reserve to experience the fantastic morning song. Then head back to the visitor centre for a cooked breakfast.

Apr:  Saturday  29
May:  Friday      5

Time: 6.30 – 9am
Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members    (price includes breakfast)

Birds & Brunch

A relaxed morning of bird watching on the reserve followed by a delicious brunch in the visitor centre. A great morning for those who want to learn more about birds and their habitat.

May:  Sunday  28
Jun:   Sunday  25

Time: 9.30 – 11.30am
Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members



Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Cost: £8 NWT members, £10 non-members (price includes a light lunch)
Booking essential: 01263 740008

The Warrens of Breckland - Thursday 13 April

Anne Mason has been researching these warrens for twelve years. In this talk she will describe how rabbits were farmed for their meat and their fur; the archaeological and archival evidence for the warrens and their significance in terms of the historic landscape.
Location: Please note this event is at Cley Village Hall not the education centre

The Cley Harbour Project - Thursday 11 May

Simon Read from the Cley Harbour Project will be explaining why the project was set up, what has been done so far and what the project aims to achieve.

Birds and Climate Change - Thursday 8 June

Climate change is a much discussed topic, but what does the science say? In this talk James Pearce-Higgins from the BTO will reveal evidence of how climate change is already affecting bird distributions, populations and communities, with a particular focus on the UK. The magnitude of future climate change is projected to be much greater than already experienced, which may have considerable implications for the birds we see around us, and for their conservation.

Deep History Coast - Thursday 13 July

Norfolk Museums Service has been involved in major discoveries which have transformed our understanding of early British prehistory. From ‘Seahenge’ near Holme-next-the-Sea, to the West Runton Mammoth, and the earliest evidence of human in northern Europe at Happisburgh – the archaeological importance of Norfolk’s coastline is astounding. David Waterhouse will talk about ‘Deep History Coast’, a new and exciting initiative which integrates some of the county’s most significant archaeological sites in the landscape with museum collections.



Booking essential for these events: 01263 740008

Spring Quiz  - Thursday 27 April

Do you know what year avocets returned to breed at Cley? Can you tell the difference between a stoat and a weasel? Why do otters hold hands? Join us for an evening of light-hearted fun in our first ever spring quiz.
Time: 7.30pm, doors at 7pm
Cost: £5 (Light snacks and drinks will be available at an extra cost)

Bird Bingo  - Wednesday 24 May

Perfect for bird lovers and bingo lovers alike. Have fun with our quick-fire bingo rounds. There will be plenty of chances to win prizes and discover many different bird species.

Time: 7.30pm (doors at 7pm with a licensed bar)
Cost: £5
Location: Cley Village Hall

Microsculpture launch evening & talk  - Friday 31 March

Microsculpture is a ground breaking project by Levon Biss that presents insect specimens from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before. See page 18 for details. On the launch evening you will have exclusive access and the first look at this fascinating large-scale photographic exhibition. Levon will reveal how these images are created with his unique photographic technique.

Time: Doors at 6.45pm, 7.30pm talk
Cost: £10 NWT members, £12 non-members 



Booking essential for these events: 01263 740008

Bird Songs and Calls  - Saturday 6 May

Celebrate National Dawn Chorus Weekend with a very special event, starting with an early morning walk around Sheringham Park listening out for bird song. After a short break we will re-convene at Cley Marshes to listen out for bird calls in a different habitat. We will round off the morning in the education centre summarising the spring bird songs we have learnt throughout the morning. This morning is part of a partnership programme between Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.

Venue: NT Sheringham Park and NWT Cley Marshes
Time: 5 – 8am Sheringham Park and 10am – 12pm NWT Cley Marshes
Cost: £22 NWT members, £26 non-members

Spring Migrants  - Wednesday 10 May

This workshop will help you identify migrant birds that visit Cley in spring. We will begin with an indoor session looking at key identification features and learning about migration patterns, before heading out on to the reserve to look for migrant birds.

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm
Cost: £16 NWT members, £19 non-members

Nightjars  - Tuesday 6 June

This stunning summer visitor is largely nocturnal and roosts in well-camouflaged cover in the daytime. In this special workshop we will discover more about the behaviour, ecology, and conservation of this species through an illustrated presentation in the education centre. This will be followed by a trip onto the heath in search of these nocturnal birds, which are usually best seen feeding at dusk.

Times: 7 – 10pm
Cost: £16 NWT members, £19 non-members

Terns  - Saturday 10 June

Ajay Tegala of National Trust Blakeney Point will start the day with an illustrated talk about terns, particularly looking at little terns, the challenges they face and the difficulties of conserving fragile ground-nesting birds. We will explore the history of tern conservation and modern research projects, before heading down to the beach for a guided walk along the spit looking and listening for terns and learning more about the habitat that they live in. This workshop is part of a partnership programme between Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the National Trust.

Venue: NWT Cley Marshes and NT Blakeney Point
Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm
Cost: £22 NWT members, £26 non-members



Booking essential for these events: 01263 740008

Sketching the sea -Saturday 13 May

Create art inspired by the coast in a medium of your own choice. Gareth will guide you and also demonstrate wet and dry techniques with soft pastel.

Times: 10.30am – 3.30pm
Cost: £16 NWT members, £19 non-members

Writing Outside: Taster - Tuesday 16 May

If you are interested in attending our upcoming writing outside course but are new to creative writing, we will be running a free taster event to give you a flavour of what the course will entail.

Time: 10.30am –12.30pm
Cost: Free

Art demonstration - Saturday 20 May

Peter Strudwick will be painting live and demonstrating the art of using watercolours. He will aim to complete a watercolour of a local scene from start to finish incorporating as many elements of a typical watercolour painting as possible but especially concentrating on buildings in the landscape.

Times: 3 – 4.30pm
Cost: £3.50 members, £5 non-members

Writing outside: Summer

Tuesday 13 June: Introduction to the Summer Landscape: The East Bank and Arnold's Marsh
Tuesday 20 June: Reedbeds and Freshwater Scrapes
Tuesday 27 June: Cley Beach towards Blakeney Point
Tuesday 4 July: Glandford Ford and the River Glaven
Tuesday 11 July: Saltmarsh
Tuesday 18 July: The Salthouse to Walsey Hills Field Path

A new six-week nature writing course led by local poet and creative writing teacher Jonathan Ward. Each week will include a walk and the opportunity to write outside in a different location within and around the Cley to Salthouse Living Landscape. Time will also be spent in the education centre looking at and creating poems and prose inspired by place, landscape and the natural world. Beginners and more experienced writers are both welcome.

Times: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Cost: £16 NWT members, £19 non-members, or book all six events for £85 NWT members, £105 non-members.

Recycled jewellery - Saturday 17 June

There are so many beautiful patterns in nature, in bird feathers, shells, pebbles, bark, honeycomb – the list is endless. In this workshop, create a stunning piece of jewellery inspired by nature’s patterns using recycled paper and other rescued materials.

Time: 10.30am – 3pm
Cost: £22 NWT members, £26 non-members 


Booking advised: 01263 740008

Yoga for health

Start the spring with a positive mind and body. Local yoga teacher Eva Edwards will help you relax at the end of the day with yoga in the Aspinall Education Centre at Cley.

May:  Monday  8, Monday 15, Monday 22
Jun:   Monday 12, Monday 19, Monday 26

Time: 5.30pm – 7pm
Cost: £8 per session or book on the five-week course £40

Midsummer morning yoga -Wednesday 21 June

A one off coastal yoga session to celebrate the start of the season. Feel invigorated and energised practicing yoga on the beautiful beach at Cley. Please dress in warm and comfortable clothing.

Time: 8.30am – 10am
Cost: £8
Location: Meet at Cley Beach car park, or in the case of bad weather at the visitor centre.

Meditation - Saturday 24 June

Join local teacher in mindfulness, Susanna Alyce, for an introductory session in meditation and mindfulness. What a perfect way to set the scene for the coming of summer and new beginnings.

Time: 8 – 10am
Cost: £10 



Booking essential for these events:01263 740008

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm
Cost: £4 children (accompanying adult free)

Brilliant birds -Tuesday 4 April, Sunday 7 May

Discover the huge variety of birds calling Cley home, as we head onto the nature reserve and into the bird hides. You will be able use binoculars to see these birds up close. You will learn how to simply identify different types of birds and explore bird song.

Crafty creations - Thursday 6 April

We will be looking out for wildlife, collecting natural materials and creating masterpieces inspired by nature on our reserve.

Signs of spring -Wednesday 12 April,  Wednesday 31 May

The reserve is alive with wildlife in the spring, with birds singing and dancing in the sky, and plant and insect life beginning to emerge from the undergrowth. Join us to search for signs of spring on the reserve.

Easter at Cley - Sunday 16 April

Come celebrate Easter at Cley Marshes! Explore the reserve on our Easter trail. Create your nature inspired Easter bonnet in the education centre and learn all about spring wildlife through free crafts and activities.

Times: 11am – 4pm
Cost: £1 for trail quiz sheets

Eels eels eels - Sunday 21 May

On World Fish Migration Day we will be celebrating the amazing lives and incredible journeys of the European eels which are found locally in the Glaven valley. Come and explore these fascinating creatures as well as learning about other forms of mysterious pond life.

Time: 11am – 3pm
Cost: Free

Capturing Cley - Tuesday 30 May

Explore and film exciting coastal wildlife at Cley using handheld cameras. Then watch your films on the big screen in our education centre. All equipment provided.

Time: 10.30am – 1pm
Cost: £4 children (accompanying adult free)

30 Days Wild – Day One - Thursday 1 June

Make room for nature this June – no matter where you are or how busy your life, take part in the challenge and embrace random Acts of Wildness. We will have nature inspired activities running all day in the centre and on the reserve to help you kick start your 30 Days Wild. We will also have loads of ideas to inspire you for the next 29 days.

Time: 11am – 4pm 



Booking essential for these events: 01263 740008

The Most Perfect Thing -Friday 5 May

How are eggs of different shapes made, and why are they the shape they are? When does the shell of an egg harden? Why do some eggs contain two yolks? How are the colours and patterns of an eggshell created, and why do they vary? And which end of an egg is laid first – the blunt end or the pointy end? Find out with Dr Tim Birkhead author of the bestseller The Most Perfect Thing

Times: 7pm supper, 7.45pm talk
Cost: £10 NWT members, £12 non-members (includes supper)

StringFillies - Saturday 6 May

StringFillies music combines tunes and songs from the Celtic and Gaelic tradition coupled with music from further afield including Georgia and Russia. They will join us at Cley to run an afternoon song writing workshop followed by a special evening performance playing music specifically chosen to connect to the Marshes and life in North Norfolk.

String Fillies Song writing workshop

Times: 2– 4pm
Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members

Evening performance

Times: Doors 6.30pm for licensed bar and light meals, performance 7.30pm
Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members

Bird bonanza -Sunday 7 May

Join us on Intentional Dawn Chorus Day, and learn why birds sing, discover the variety of bird song and have a go at identifying different bird song yourself. We will be running free craft and activities all day long for all the family to help you explore the fascinating world of birdlife.

Times: 10am – 3.30pm
Cost: Free

Confluence project - Sunday 7 May

Drawing inspiration from the waterways, marshes and coastlines of East Anglia, Confluence aims to take audiences on a visual and auditory in-the-moment experience that reflects these landscapes and our relationship with water. The project includes an exhibition that will be available to view from 4 – 7 May.

Times: Doors 6.30pm for licensed bar and light meals, performance 7.30pm
Cost: £12 NWT members, £15 non-members