Reports on ringed birds seen in the Cley Square

Ringed birds seen 2018

The following working document gives club members the details and life histories of ringed, colour-ringed, collared and tagged birds seen in the Cley Square in 2018.  

Cley Square 2018 ringed birds - Updated 28th February 2018

Life Histories of all ringed birds seen in the Cley Square

The following document gives club members the life-histories of the ringed and marked birds that we have  the details of, going back in time. There are also summaries for each species. There are around 600 ringed individuals that have been seen or found in the Square, where it has been possible to determine their origins and they were ringed outside the Square. In addition there are 60 birds that were ringed in the Square and have been found outside it. 88 different species are involved.  This will be updated regularly.

Cley Square ringed and tagged birds - Updated 28th Febuary 2018

Reporting Observations of Ringed Birds

If you see and read the the rings of a bird in the Square please report it.  Details of how do do this can be found on the Survey page under the Activities tag.