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AuthorTopic: Save our Swifts petition
Chris Abrams Save our Swifts petitionposted at 04/07/2019 10:50:59

I know some may be averse to signing petitions but our Swift numbers are dwindling rapidly. I was forwarded this petition and asked to share it. If you'd like to sign, it can only help. Thank you!

Here is the information:
New studies show that the number of swifts flying to our shores this summer will be the lowest since records began - and the lack of homes for these summer visitors is a huge reason for this decline.

Over 130,000 of us have already signed a petition to the government calling for every new building in the UK to have a special ‘Swift Brick’ for swifts to nest in. Pressure is building - last week the petition was even mentioned in Parliament.

Swifts have been flying in our skies since the Roman era. Will you sign the petition today to keep piling the pressure on the government to make sure swifts are here for generations to come?

Here is the link to add your name:


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